Viral videos and how to tag

Viral Video Secrets #4: Strategic Tagging Gets Stuff Seen


YouTube allows you to tag your videos by keyword so that they will show up when searched as soon as you’ve uploaded them, and you can use tags to your advantage in your quest to turn your videos into viral videos.

First step, give your video a week without tagging when you first upload. Really. Instead, use tags to control the videos that show up in the Related Videos box. How do you do this? Choose three or four unique tags (really unique, as in not used by any other video) and use this for all the videos you post. If you do it correctly, you will ultimately end up with control over all the Related Videos that appear in your videos’ sidebars. That means when someone finds your video, they will automatically be exposed to every other video you’ve uploaded. Score!

But this isn’t just a set-it-and-forget-it viral video solution. After about a week, your views will start trailing off, and it’s time to add some more generic tags. These tags should present the video on YouTube and Google searches for relevant content until your soon-to-be viral videos are attracting tons of eyeballs.

Image: U.S. Navy Photography

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