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How to Guest Post on

Guest Post onEntrepreneur

Submitting a guest post on Entrepreneur isn’t easy. You can’t just write an article for them and expect them to publish it for you because you asked. They have strict guidelines and are selective in the articles they accept, so there’s a lot to you have to do before you start writing an article. This guide will show you how.

Responding to a PR Lead

Reporter taking notes in a notebook

Public relations can help get your company good publicity. Learn what reporters look for in a source to alleviate the stress of responding to a PR lead.

Public Relations in the Digital Age

With all the other marketing changes taking place around us, is it any surprise that public relations (PR) has gone digital? Consequently, you need to reevaluate the old methods of PR and incorporate new media strategies into your marketing plans. Your audience is online, and journalists no longer have the same level of “gate-keeping” power… Read more »

The Top 8 Changes in Public Relations

Below are the top 8 changes in PR: Old PR is for journalists only. New PR is for the masses as well as journalists. In 2002, Google News took headlines from thousands of news and distribution sites and then in 2004 Yahoo! News created a whole new era of online PR. Now, press releases show… Read more »

How the Media Has Changed

Having your press release reach the number one spot on Google and Yahoo! News or having your content featured on a top blog can be as good as or even better than a front-page article in print. While many offline news channels have been steadily declining, online news has been growing like wildfire. Households that… Read more »

Newspaper Advertising Revenue Drops Like a Rock

Advertising revenue for newspapers, adjusted for inflation, has dropped to 1950s levels. After rising for over 50 years, newspaper ad revenue dropped radically in 2003 and then for good in about 2005. Online classifieds and blogs put the nail in its coffin. Online communities that people can join became more interesting and were free. Craigslist,… Read more »

Think Strategically for PR: What’s the “Hook”?

Regardless of the medium—newspapers and magazines, broadcast and cable TV, radio, social networking platforms, or blogs—the key to getting your story picked up stays the same: every writer, reporter, and editor must feel that your information is relevant, timely, and useful to their audience(s). However, they won’t feel that way unless you serve up your… Read more »