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The Conversion Trinity

know the personas of your customers

Your conversion rate hinges on the Conversion Trinity: relevance of your content, your unique value proposition, and visibility of the call to action.

Test with Visual Website Optimizer

testing for conversion optimization

Testing is the lifeblood of running a successful website. Without experimentation, there is no way to tell whether your online marketing efforts are paying off. Read on to learn the two types of testing you’ll see referenced most often.

Have “Something for Everyone”

conversion optimization

There are many ways to break visitors into groups.It takes creativity and brainstorming to do it well, but in the end your customers will enjoy your site more if they feel like some of the content is specifically for them. Many studies have shown significantly increased conversion rates when personas are considered when writing content for a website.

Stages of the Buying Cycle


Be aware that there are various stages of the buying cycle. Map out marketing actions to make them more successful, then dive into making site adjustments. Ask yourself these questions to increase your conversion rate.

What Makes a Good “About Us” Page?

about us conversion optimization

Another great tactic to increase conversions is to make your “about us” page better, since so many people will check it out to see who you are and what you’re all about. We see this consistently in analytics for many sites.

Sell Using AIDAS

Attention Interest Desire Action Satisfaction

AIDAS (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction) is a marketing acronym that describes a list of stages used when selling a product or service.

Tips on Website Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is an essential part of any internet marketing strategy, and the 6 Key Principles of Persuasion can greatly increase conversions. Learn what those principles are and why they work.