know the personas of your customers

The Conversion Trinity

know the personas of your customersYour conversion rate hinges on the following three main factors, or the Conversion Trinity:

  • Relevance: Does your content closely match what the visitor expects to see?
  • Value: How clear is your unique value proposition and how quickly and consistently is it communicated to visitors?
  • Call to Action: How obvious is your main call to action?

If we do nothing else, we need to properly address these three critical factors in alignment with your business goals.


Another important concept for you to understand is that of personas (types of people who may be visiting your site), since they are at the heart of most conversion methodologies.

In 325 BC, Aristotle wrote of the hedonic, proprietary, dialectical, and ethical temperaments, so this concept is not new. Books, movies, and TV shows can often be good examples of showcasing multiple character types to make an interesting story that connects with many types of people.



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