Conversion Optimization

Four Main Marketing Personas

Conversion Optimization

By appealing to each marketing persona, you will ultimately increase conversions because people relate to your content.

The four main personas used in many conversion marketing programs and their attributes are below.


Attitude: Business-like and power-oriented
Time: Disciplined and fast-paced
Requirements: Your qualifications, records, and values
Weakness: Documented evidence stressing results. As explained in Bryan Eisenberg’s book, weakness refers to the things that will make this persona convert, by appealing to their weakness.
How to Present: What you can do for them
Problem Solving: Support ideas and conclusions
Facilitate Decisions: Provide options, probabilities, and challenges


Attitude: Personal and activity-oriented
Time: Undisciplined and fast-paced
Requirements: Evidence that you are trustworthy and friendly
Weakness: Show personal attention and interest
How to Present: Why you are the best solution
Problem Solving: Support their feelings, interests, and excitement
Facilitate Decisions: Provide guarantees and opinions, not options


Attitude: Personal and relationship-oriented
Time: Undisciplined and slow-paced
Requirements: Who you are, what you think, and who you know
Weakness: Give recognition and approval
How to Present: WHO you have provided solutions to
Problem Solving: Support their ideas, intuitions, your relationship
Facilitate Decisions: Offer testimony and incentives


Attitude: Businesslike and detail-oriented
Time: Disciplined and slow-paced
Requirements: Evidence of your experience and knowledge
Weakness: Documented evidence and preparation
How to Present: How you can provide a solution
Problem Solving: Support their principles and rational approach
Facilitate Decisions: Provide evidence and service

Eye-tracking studies have shown that users can be broken into four groups in terms of web surfing patterns that map to the personas above.


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