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Grandpa 2.0 on Google Local (a funny webcomic)

  The SEO Savvy Grandpa knows Google Local. Frame 1- Kid: Where are all the customers? Frame 2-  Grandpa: Did you set up a google local account?  Kid: What’s that? Frame 3- Grandpa: It’s only one of the best ways to let people know about your business.  I can actually set it up for you…. Read more »

Grandpa 2.0 Schools a Young Kid (a funny webcomic)

Mcdougall Grandpa 1

Grandpa 2.0 teaches young kid about social media marketing. Frame 1- Kid: Hey Grandpa, are you on Facebook yet? Frame 2- Grandpa: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, I’m on all of ’em. My blog dominates on Google too. Frame 3- Kid: Wait, what? Frame 4- It’s 2013, kid. C’mon now.

The Internet Marketing Octopus Teaches His Friend about Blogging

Funny Comic Strip about Blogging

There are a lot of different ways to approach blogging, but when it comes to blogging for a professional business, one should approach it with a strategic plan. In this edition of Mark: The Internet Marketing Octopus, Mark offers some advice to his friend, whose blog isn’t getting any traffic.