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How to Make a Viral Video

John Maher:  Hi, I’m John Maher, and today I’m here with Justin Parker and Jimmy Craig of Methodloft, and today we are talking about how to make viral videos. Justin and Jimmy’s videos have received 50 million views on YouTube. They’ve worked with KFC, Ford, and Pizza Hut, and they’ve been featured on “The Today… Read more »

Advertising is Redefined by Google AdWords for Video

Here’s how traditional advertising typically works… You pay to blast your message out to a large audience, e.g., airing a television commercial, and hope that it reaches some people that turn into consumers.  It works, but it’s usually pretty expensive.  Let’s say you own a local restaurant and want to run a television ad.  The… Read more »

The 10 Best Branded Viral Ads

The internet community is an authentic, accessible, and completely candid audience… an audience that brands desperately seek the approval of. Today, brands are battling it out to make the next viral video – a true testament of a brand’s ability to reach a crowd. When I hear the term ‘viral,’ I automatically picture caught-on-tape moments… Read more »

What to do with a Google Adwords Coupon

Hi! You probably got this $100 coupon in the mail, from Google. It’s $100 off Google advertising, so you can be able to advertise your business or even yourself, if you wish. It’s advertising for what they call PPC, which is a pay-per-click. So every time somebody clicks on an ad, that’s when it costs… Read more »

The Internet Marketing Octopus Teaches His Friend about Blogging

Funny Comic Strip about Blogging

There are a lot of different ways to approach blogging, but when it comes to blogging for a professional business, one should approach it with a strategic plan. In this edition of Mark: The Internet Marketing Octopus, Mark offers some advice to his friend, whose blog isn’t getting any traffic.

How to get a free Google Adwords coupon

Hey, you might have heard about where you can get these free Google AdWords coupons. They vary in price. Sometimes they’re given away for free; $25, I’ve seen them for $75 or $100. They’re sort of like a free $100 from Google to start advertising through Google AdWords. A lot of people say, “Where can… Read more »

Surprise! YouTube Has a New Ranking System

YouTube is getting smarter. Most often, users venture beyond the original video that brought them to YouTube, thanks to “Related” and “Suggested” content. YouTube plasters their site with recommended videos to ensure that you stay a while. How does YouTube determine which videos get recommended? The answer to that question has something to do with… Read more »

How to YouTube – A Pixability Webinar Recap

I had the pleasure of joining in on Pixability’s latest webinar, YouTube for Marketers.  Make Videos! We’ve been preaching it for a while and it’s nice to finally see that the majority of marketers are finally on board.  Google loves video.  Businesses need video.  Companies have caught on, but after being filled with hope by… Read more »

How Facebook applies to Businesses… and Cats

Facebook is for sharing pictures of cats.  And making money. It’s no mystery that the internet is an important (dare I say – MOST important) media for marketing.  If the internet were a house, Facebook would be the bedroom, as in that’s where the most time is being spent.  In fact, you probably see the… Read more »