How to get a free Google Adwords coupon

Hey, you might have heard about where you can get these free Google AdWords coupons. They vary in price. Sometimes they’re given away for free; $25, I’ve seen them for $75 or $100. They’re sort of like a free $100 from Google to start advertising through Google AdWords. A lot of people say, “Where can you get those?” You actually see quite a few people going out on the Internet and Googling, “Where do I get my AdWords coupon?”

The first piece of advice I always like to give people is don’t go to anyone and pay for that, because you can literally get this totally free. You don’t have to pay anything for that.

The other thing, if you can’t dig around and find a number for Google, one of the easy ways — it’s actually very sensible, too — is register your business with Google Places. If you’re not familiar with Google Places, it’s kind of like having a Yellow Page listing. It’s free from Google.

You can put in photos, special offers, all kinds of information about your business. That in itself is worth a lot of money, too. When you do that registration through Google Places, Google will try to entice you to start using Google AdWords. They may actually send you one of these coupons.

If they don’t send you a coupon, you could try calling them and saying, “Hey, I’m thinking of doing Google Ads. I’m new to it. I’ve never done it before. I don’t know if it’s really worth it, if it’s going to work for my business.”

If you get a little conversation going with the person, they’ll say, “We can email you a coupon. It’s just a little code,” and get you going.

Anyone who’s doing Internet marketing, like ad agencies, a lot of those folks are always getting those coupons. You can do that, or you can resort back to Googling the Google AdWords coupon. The only problem I’ve found with that is a lot of times, those coupons do expire. You spend a lot of time going through, plucking and entering different coupons, and finding out that they’re no good.

Sometimes the fastest way is just…if you can find a number to Google, call them, or if you know an ad agency or somebody that knows how to do Google advertising, those are some of your best sources.

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