HELP! Internet Marketing Is a Big Pain in the Ass!

In an attempt to make our blog and cartoon series more useful, we are asking customers to chime in with the things that keep them up at night. Below are just a few things we think might be bothering you in your search for the ultimate internet marketing strategy and experience with your agency.

27 things that make marketing directors and site owners lose sleep:

  1. There is so much to do with online marketing I am overwhelmed
  2. How to choose which tactics when so many seem good?
  3. How do I choose the best internet marketing company?
  4. Can I really get ROI from social media and how do I track it?
  5. Facebook is BS for chicks
  6. Online marketing seems like an impossible battle
  7. I wish there was a clear path or simple web strategy to follow
  8. I get it but I can’t get buy in from my boss
  9. Our webmaster is likely stoned and won’t return calls
  10. What do these analytics and ranking reports really mean?
  11. What should I budget in 2013 for inbound marketing?
  12. What are my competitors doing online?
  13. How often are my competitor’s blogging?
  14. How do I know what is SEO BS and when agencies are telling the truth?
  15. I need someone who specializes in my vertical
  16. We just can’t afford to do all that the agency suggests
  17. We are a small marketing team
  18. I need more coffee that is much stronger
  19. How can I keep track of so many emails with data and details from so many vendors
  20. How come by web agency doesn’t care what the traditional agency is doing?
  21. Our web company is clueless in regards to branding and just doesn’t understand our business
  22. I have to keep repeating myself and explaining our business over and over to our agency when they get new employees
  23. Why isn’t my agency more proactive in telling me what we should be doing and not me pushing them for next steps?
  24. Will Google or Facebook be replaced by something else like the new Duck Duck Go search engine?
  25. How do I increase conversions now that I have lots of traffic?
  26. What the heck does developing personas mean?
  27. Why doesn’t anyone fill out the long generic forms that offer nothing in exchange on my website?

Please chime in by commenting below and tell us what keeps you up at night so we can write blog posts and make cartoons to help make internet marketing less of a pain in the ass and maybe even a bit more fun!

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  1. Patty
    Patty says:

    Here are my thoughts if you are even reading your comments. This is a pretty old post that I found in Google so who knows. Yes, I did google something about internet marking being a pain in the ass. Why? Because it is! And I don’t really like Google any more because they have a sucktastic search engine these days and finding what I am looking for is also a pain in the ass. However, your post absolutely made my day so there’s that. I hope you don’t mind the comment. You made me smile today.


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