What to do with a Google Adwords Coupon

Hi! You probably got this $100 coupon in the mail, from Google. It’s $100 off Google advertising, so you can be able to advertise your business or even yourself, if you wish. It’s advertising for what they call PPC, which is a pay-per-click. So every time somebody clicks on an ad, that’s when it costs you a little money. That’s how Google started doing this introductory offer, to get you accustomed to the whole idea of how PPC works.

What PPC’s going to do is based off of search terms that people come and use. You’ll have to figure out what those search terms are. When they search, they click on your ad, and that’s when you get charged.

How they figure out the cost of those PPC clicks is sort of like an auction-based system. It’s going to vary, so some things are going to be really cheap. Digital cameras…probably a little more expensive. If you’re a lawyer and you’re advertising your services…could be a lot more expensive in that area.

They all vary in different prices, and that $100 is just a teaser, to get you into how PPC works. This is for new accounts. You can only use one of those coupons per account. That’s the regulations on that.

The thing about $100 is that it’s not a lot of money sometimes, for certain accounts. You have to plan a little bit to sort of get there. One ways to figure out how to plan is…they have this thing called a Keyword Tool.

Inside the Keyword Tool, what it does…you can put in the terms that you think people are going to use to find your business. It will come back and tell you how much on a per-click basis it’s going to cost you.

Now it’s a case of simple arithmetic to figure that out. If they come back and say it’s going to cost a dollar for each click, you can pretty much estimate with that $100 you just got from Google, you’re going to get a hundred visitors.

That’s kind of an interesting thing in itself, because out of a hundred visitors, it’s enough of a sampling size to figure out…are these people going to actually be able to represent the kind of potential customers I’m looking for?

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