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Mark the Internet Marketing Octopus explains the right way to get links

SEO Humor - Mark the Internet Marketing Octopus Comic

This is another part of the Mark the Internet Marketing Octopus web comic series. Mark meets up with the seahorse version of Matt Cutts to destroy black hat linkbuilding.

Frame 1- Shark: Hey Mark, how can I get some links, lotsa links? Mark: Well, don’t do what the slippery eel did.

Frame 2- Caption: At the scene of the crime, Eel is singing the spammer song and hiring black hat crabs to do his dirty work to get links from thousands of crappy unrelated sites.

Crabs: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam I am…

Frame 3:  Matt Cutts: Attack my Penguins!  Matt  Cutts is here to take you black hats down. Crab: Our links!

Frame 4:  Mark: Look what the lobsters did to get links! Matt Cutts: Now, that’s how you do it.

Frame 5: Mark: Don’t let the slippery SEO spam eels and black hat crabs touch your site.  Shark: How would I have known? Lobster: Well, did you ask them what kind of links they would get?

Frame 6: Shark: I just told them to get thousands of links for $99 a month.  Lobster: Every single link is like getting an article published in a magazine…maybe you should create some news by eating someone!

Frame 7: Lobster: …That advice I just gave you…bad advice, forget all that..

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