Authority through Social Proof and Google+ Author Rank

It makes sense that bloggers and journalists check out how many other news and blog sites have covered you previously. No one wants to take a chance and cover you for the first time if it is unclear you are sought after or interesting. They are also potentially more likely to share your story (when they are looking for an expert) if you have lots of Twitter followers, many “shares” of your content, and significant Google+ connections and Author Rank. So ask yourself the hard questions: “Am I worthy and, if I am, does my social connectivity make that obvious?” Check out Dan Schwabel and his personal branding blog. He has massive followers and subscribers, making him an obvious choice for interviews on the topic of personal branding. These connections can make journalists more intrigued by your story.

Additionally, monitoring social media platforms and participating in social communities are critical. If you give some information away and have a hot blog along with an on-site newsroom with regularly submitted releases, your visibility, links, and ranks will increase and create new viral exposure.

Join relevant LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo! Groups where you can see what people are buzzing about, and offer your helpful tips and share your releases/stories as part of the conversation. But don’t spam discussion groups with a barrage of press releases; make a helpful comment and give people a link to your release.

Are you currently building Author Rank?

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