How the Media Has Changed

Having your press release reach the number one spot on Google and Yahoo! News or having your content featured on a top blog can be as good as or even better than a front-page article in print. While many offline news channels have been steadily declining, online news has been growing like wildfire.

Households that canceled cable service are an indicator of the shift to web TV, at least as an additional option. Month after month, hundreds of thousands of cable TV subscribers keep closing their accounts. Thanks to dozens of videocasting websites (such as Hulu,, Joost, and Fancast), full-length episodes of more than 90 percent of the shows carried by the major broadcast networks are legally accessible within a day of being broadcast, according to Forrester Research. (Only about 20 percent of what’s on cable is similarly available.) It is uncertain just how far this disruption will go, given that cable is still fairly strong, but clearly online is an amazingly strong channel. Online video is really just in its infancy and as it gets better, so will its ability to draw eyeballs away from cable.

Given that top blogs now command traffic at rates as good as or better than traditional media, the online channels are a must to master.

Are you leveraging online channels?

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