The Top 8 Changes in Public Relations

Below are the top 8 changes in PR:

  1. Old PR is for journalists only.
  2. New PR is for the masses as well as journalists.
  3. In 2002, Google News took headlines from thousands of news and distribution sites and then in 2004 Yahoo! News created a whole new era of online PR.
  4. Now, press releases show up in the search results and can drive huge volumes of traffic.
  5. Over 50,000 press releases are issued each month, so journalists have little time to spare for your release.
  6. Blogger and social media connections are a big part of the new Rolodex for journalists and marketers.
  7. Content created by you and your agency plays a big part in getting media coverage.
  8. Press releases and blog/media site referrals can now be tracked to see which ones send you leads and conversions.

What changes have you seen recently in PR?

photo credit: Poster Boy NYC via photopin cc

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