Video Marketing

Get Noticed with Video Marketing Services

Think all you need is text blog posts and text content? Think again.

“By 2019, global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.” Smallbiztrends

Video increases conversions significantly because people like to get a feel for who they are working with.

Our video marketing services focus mostly on creating short informative videos that go up on YouTube and then get inserted into your website and blog posts.

One of the four times we were flown to Google headquarters, on their dime, they told us they really like our video strategies.

“By the way, love mix here on your online presence- transcript and video plus click-to-chat. I think it’s really neat that you’ve chosen such a customer-empowering approach to your model; it really seems to start with education.”  Lauren from Google

This is referring to video blogs I emailed after meeting her at Google headquarters

Can we do a corporate video for you? Yes, with one of our many amazing partners for more comprehensive corporate video production but John Maher, our in-house audio and video expert does lots of high quality video and YouTube optimization every month.

We can also do one to two-minute FAQ style videos for as little as $300 each when you are on a content marketing retainer with us. Lots of people charge several times that for even a short basic video but we are trying to dramatically increase your organic search rankings and video rankings, so we try and keep the cost down and the production clean and simple.

Here’s an example of a simple video made specifically to increase engagement on the website, social media activity and search engine rankings at the same time:

Video Blog Example

YouTube Optimization for SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. You really have to stop and think about that for a second. There are 3.5 billion searches a day on Google and the fact that they own YouTube means that you really need to have your act together not only with text-based content but video.

We believe that Google gives a greater preference to YouTube videos in search results and it’s the ideal platform if your and goal is to get more business not just have a high-quality video sitting very lonely on your page or on Vimeo (which is great from a quality perspective but pales in comparison to the opportunity in YouTube.)

We take the time to optimize the titles, descriptions the closed captions and add custom transcripts instead of letting Google do an automatic translation for you.

Most of our customers have a full-on belly laugh or break out in tears when we show them the transcripts that Google creates automatically.

For example, a credit union we work with has a fairly simple name but Google says it differently every single time and never gets it right. That means when the president of the credit union is on video and people see the automatic translation, the company branding makes them look ridiculous and it’s bad for disability compliance at the same time.

If you are serious about showing off your expertise and having a powerful website, video marketing needs to be part of your mix.

Here is one of the ways we make video marketing easy

I will tell you a little secret. Even though I am a popular public speaker, I go a little crazy when I am doing videos, trying to remember my place in what I am trying to say.

I have to start and stop and do numerous takes and it gets really frustrating. I have seen many customers have the same experience and actually give up on video.

Until we got a Teleprompter…

Yes, videos are a little bit stiffer when you use a Teleprompter, but you can write out a 500-word page with exactly what you want to say and read it reasonably naturally in one or two minutes. You can often do this with only one or two takes.

Last time we did video with Sam, we had to fly to Cincinnati and so we did 16 in an afternoon. Go Sam!

Don’t let the cost of video or the process scare you. We can help you craft nice little scripts that you can knock off one after another and share powerful tips and information with your potential prospects.

If you’re great at speaking off the cuff without a script, God bless you and we can record you that way as well if you like. Every now and then, some of our customers pull that off beautifully but just know that we have a solution to help you get this done even if you think it’s going to be hard.

Then, we do all the editing and optimization and posting it to YouTube and to your website.

You just have to sit back and watch the views, clicks, Google rankings and leads increase.

Here are a few other things we do with video marketing services:

Corporate Video / Commercials

Our partners do awesome TV spots and commercials. So while we do not consider ourselves a full service video production company, we have some of the best talent in the area, as close personal friends and partners.

Viral Video

Our video team- whose work has been seen on MTV, G4, and Comedy Central – has partnered with McDougall Interactive to bring their track record of viral successes to our client video production.

They’ve created several videos with millions of views and are available to help you tap into the viral video craze.

Videos for Lawyers

Video production for attorneys is part of McDougall Interactive’s strongly integrated campaigns offered to lawyers focused on generating quality leads.

Videos for Colleges

McDougall Interactive has a team of specialists that understand the needs of a competitive university and they recognize that videos are a key ingredient to a successful online marketing campaign.

Videos for Banks, Credit Unions and Wealth Managers

We have won the highest-level awards for our financial services marketing that included video and have worked with about 20 banks, credit unions and wealth managers.

Let us help you with your video production marketing today.