benefits of increased conversion optimization

Dramatically Increase Sales with Conversion Rate Optimization

benefits of increased conversion optimizationDriving traffic to your website is a good start, but it’s not enough. Your potential customers are overwhelmed with advertising messages and have endless options at the click of a mouse. If you want to truly get more leads and turn them into sales, you must actively work on increasing your conversion rate (the ratio of leads or sales to the number of visitors). By piquing their interest and then leading them on a journey that lets them feel in control, you can guide your website visitors along the path to conversion.

In the old days of advertising and marketing, there was little proof of what tactic worked. It was harder to demonstrate cause and effect, by linking a particular ad campaign to a specific set of sales results. Now, with deep website analytics tracking, we can discover which tactics drove sales and which ones assisted in sales, making it easier for companies to confidently increase their marketing budgets in the right places.

Set Up Tracking Systems

In order to have a reasonably complete sense of what is generating sales and leads, you must have multiple forms of tracking in place. These include:

  • Tracking of unique phone number(s) on your website (ones that are not shared with customers anywhere else)
  • Form submissions
  • Shopping cart sales
  • Live chat interactions
  • Email address clicks
  • Printable/PDF application document downloads
  • Printable coupon/specials downloads
  • Third-party applications (i.e., mortgage applications submitted through a partner website, not on your main URL)
  • Off-line conversion tracking
  • Attribution tracking/conversion assists

Once your tracking is in place, you can focus on increasing your conversion rate.

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