Conversion Enhancements

Making Conversion Enhancements and Conversion Rate Analysis Your Centerpiece

All marketers should be asking their agencies how they measure the ROI on their campaigns. McDougall Interactive knows from years of nearly two decades of web development and search engine optimization experience that the Internet has some of the best tracking capabilities in the history of advertising. Without goals, however, creating calls to action and tracking user behavior won’t get you very far. Have you created specific business goals that can be tracked in detail? Whether you’re just starting to solidify your goals or you’re ready to track your efforts, we offer personalized, one-on-one help.

How Does Conversion Planning Help You?

Your website needs to be the centerpiece of your current cross-channel marketing – not an afterthought. When a business website does not include specials, key selling points of offline campaigns, evidence of expertise, or confidence-building information, potential customers don’t have a reason to stick around.

Our certified conversion specialists define and track your goals, and make adjustments on an ongoing basis. By examining various reporting software tools we can make informed decisions with regard to adjusting your calls to action. Initially, McDougall Interactive can help you answer the following essential questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What actions do you need them to take?
  • What information do they need in order to feel confident taking action?
  • What are your hot selling points when you close a deal offline?
  • How are you proving your expertise? (e.g., Experience? Awards? Case Studies?)
  • Are your social media pages mirroring your calls to action?

What Does Tracking Goals and Conversion Enhancements Involve?

  • Calculating conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors who took action by the total number of visitors
  • Creating goals or conversions, which can be any action you want to track (e.g., form submission, page view, shopping cart sale, etc.)
  • Setting a monetary value for your goal, if possible (what’s a lead worth to your company?)
  • Using callouts to point users to your goal – “see the largest collection of widgets here,” “more info on widgets,” “50% off widgets,” ” free report on widget management”
  • Matching calls-to-action with business goals
  • Measuring offline conversions
  • Creating a unique 1-800# placed only on the website as an additional tracking device

Making Conversion Enhancements to Your Home Page

Our big agency experience means McDougall Interactive can handle your calls to action by creating unique specials, promotions, and other lead generation devices and placing links to these items on your website and social media pages. Offers can include such items as a free buyer’s guide or ebook in exchange for user details from form submission or a coupon in exchange for entering a contest with user details for a chance at a larger prize.

Enhancing Website Usability (UX)

If your visitors have a hard time finding their way around your site you will lose them. The user experience, or UX, is a key factor in generating conversations and cannot be ignored. McDougall Interactive’s export SEO developers can review your website and web design, and suggest site changes that will guarantee easy navigation and a clear site hierarchy – two paramount components of retaining site visitors. We find the pages on your site that people find and visit the most, and pay special attention to these pages when analyzing UX.

Google Analytics Goal Tracking

Google Analytics is a free and powerful program that not only lets you get stats on who visits your site, but can also be set up to show you charts of key actions you want users to take. McDougall Interactive can help you set goals to track everything from how many people click through to your important pages to how many people fill out your online forms.

Using Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer lets you track multiple items that might be affecting a customer’s decision process at once, thereby helping you determine the best collection of offerings to display to achieve maximum conversions. Our team of optimization authorities can guide you through the process of setting up and using Google Website Optimizer as yet one more facet of conversion rate analysis.