when to stop ppc advertising

When to Stop PPC Advertising

when to stop ppc advertisingA common question in PPC is whether it should be a permanent expense. If PPC advertising is generating sales and leads, but the ROI remains too low, does a continual investment make sense? Tightening marketing budgets may also increase pressure to question this spend. Conversely, obtaining top SEO rankings could lessen your company’s sense of urgency to be highly visible in search engines.

If your PPC advertising results are dismal, you may want to invest in a second opinion before pulling the plug. Many consulting firms offer PPC management services and could help you find the right mix based on their experience. This second opinion could help you discover tactical errors that are driving up costs unnecessarily. Search marketing in general is constantly changing, so your in-house management team may lack knowledge of or experience with the latest developments. Likewise, if you are using an outside firm to manage your PPC, you may want to question them on the topics discussed here, such as Quality Score. If they respond with a blank stare, then it could be time to start shopping for a new partnership.

Advertising with Google may also cost more than other PPC advertising options. Not all search advertising should come from Google. There are alternatives that can produce better results that you should test and explore. In the next section, I’ll review some of these networks and how they may help you find success in paid advertising.

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