Irresistible Calls To Action

Top Strategies To Write Irresistible Calls To Action

If content is king, then calls to action (CTAs) are his crown. These snippets of text have the power to drive qualified leads and maximize conversions when they are well-written. If your CTAs aren’t up to snuff – or you just want to make them even better – check out these easy tips below.

Use Clear Action Words

Verbs that describe an action are especially effective for CTAs. They let users know exactly what you want them to do and give them the motivation to then go and do it. Here are some great action words you can use to inspire your own compelling CTAs:

  • Achieve
  • Amplify
  • Boost
  • Build
  • Customize
  • Create
  • Decrease
  • Deliver
  • Develop
  • Discover
  • Drive
  • Earn
  • Eliminate
  • Empower
  • Establish
  • Explore
  • Implement
  • Improve
  • Launch
  • Maintain
  • Optimize
  • Reduce
  • Resolve
  • Simplify
  • Strengthen
  • Visualize
  • Win
  • Unlock
  • Upgrade


“Launch your own website and start making money today”

“Simplify your work life with this easy-to-use calendar tool”

“Click here to discover the productivity secret everyone’s talking about”

“Optimize your traffic flow with these simple tips”

Use Scarcity Language

Scarcity marketing is an advertising strategy that implies potential customers only have a limited time in which to take advantage of a deal, promotion, or special product. When used for calls to action, scarcity language can help convince users to take action faster. Here are some common words and phrases you’ve probably seen used in advertisements before:

  • “Hurry”
  • “Act now”
  • “While you still can”
  • “Before it’s too late”
  • “While supplies last”
  • “Limited time only”
  • “There’s still time”
  • “Today only”
  • “Only 1 left”
  • “You won’t want to miss”
  • “Limited edition”
  • “Sale ends soon”
  • “Deal of the day”


“Supplies are low – get your copy of Midnight Madness before it’s too late”

“Our signature fragrance is back in stock now for a limited time only”

“There’s still time to tune into our live coverage of the game”

Give Users Immediate Gratification

Great calls to action offer users immediate gratification after they click. This can be in the form of a download, a coupon, a sneak peek, or something else that gives users instant value. Some of the most effective CTAs make users feel like they’ve gotten something special or exclusive and never make them wait for it.


“Our team members are online right now to answer your questions.”

“Sign up for our newsletter now and get 20% off your first purchase.”

“Click here to start today.”

“Order now for pickup today.”

“Sign up to watch now.”

“Take 10% off your first order today”

“Unlock free shipping”

“Click to get your free quote”

“Create an account and get your first month free”

Give Your CTA Enough Supporting Copy

Your call to action itself isn’t the only thing users are paying attention to. Make sure your CTA has enough supporting copy so users understand why they’re clicking and what they can expect once they do. Of course, you still need to keep it short and sweet. If you’re too verbose, users might scroll past.

When writing a call to action, avoid fluff and make every word count. Include social proof and trust-building factors where it makes sense to do so. Let users know what they have to gain from the click and what your business can do for them.

Make A Good Offer

Last but not least, your offer needs to be good. Most users aren’t going to get excited about a $1 off coupon if your products or services are priced in the hundreds. Make sure you’re giving users who follow through something of actual value.

If it’s a discount, make sure it’s substantial – 20% or more. If it’s a free download, make sure it’s well put-together and highlights key takeaways that users can put into action right away. If you’re not giving away a gift or discount,


  • 25% off first purchase
  • 30-day free trial
  • Free 10-page eBook
  • Free shipping
  • $50 off with code WISIWYG
  • Free gift with order
  • 30% off premium subscriptions
  • Earn your certificate today
  • Call now and get connected with a live agent
  • Take a virtual tour
  • Sign up and start making money today
  • Order now for fast delivery

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