Creating a video blog vlog

Video Blogging Is Awesome, But Remember It’s Not Everything!

creating a video blog vlog

Is building a blog with video tips the end all, be all answer to your social media woes? Unfortunately, no. All the vlogging tips in the world aren’t going to do much for you if you’re not creating a video blog as part of an integrated Internet marketing strategy!

While many people are promoting social media techniques – creating a blog, making a Facebook page, etc. – mostly as a branding and general traffic building tool, there is a direct connection with social media and search engine optimization. Getting more people to link to you improves search rankings and therefore increases leads and sales. By encouraging content and conversations about you on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and more, you can further enhance your Google ranking success.

Of course, creating a video blog is a big part of the world of Deeper Clicks! Vlogging is surprisingly simple, and is a great value add when you’re talking about enhancing your blog and your social media presence.

Building a blog with embedded video tips (posted to and streaming via YouTube as seen in our own video blog) is a great way to get new content on your site and get the ball rolling fast with social media. But yes, we know, it can be daunting. Here’s how to make it simple:

  • Think up a theme for your vlogging posts – make sure it’s search engine friendly (your content categories should be keyword based), but also good for readers/customers/anyone who stumbles upon your site.
  • Create an editorial calendar for your vlog – strategize content for one short vlog per week for a minimum of three to six months.
  • Shoot ALL your video blogging content in one or two sessions – that way, it’s done and not hanging over your head.
  • Transcribe the text of your vlogs – and make sure the transcriptions are keyword rich so Google has no trouble figuring out what your content actually is.

Every vlog post, like every blog post, should give you an SEO advantage, both by adding content and URLs to your site that contain keywords and growing your site on a regular basis. But as mentioned above, that’s not all. As part of that integrated internet marketing strategy, your awesome vlogs and blogs should also be making the rounds, attracting attention, and inspiring loads of conversation that will bump your rankings up even more.

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