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How To Solve The Problem of Creating Content

Podcasting for blog contentContent, SEO, PR and Social…

These are disciplines I believe that are now integrated into digital marketing, and are part of the tools of the trade for digital marketers. And it’s one reason I was so excited to join McDougall Interactive this week.

John McDougall and I shared so many ideas when it comes to the approach to producing content, thinking about PR, and using content and engagement for search and social media.

Content creation has long been an issue in my experience working for agencies or brands. It used to be there was not so much understanding about the need to create content, but today with the concepts of inbound and content marketing, I believe more business people understand the need to create content.

It’s just still difficult for people to have the time to create good quality content. One technique I’ve been using over the years is to interview subject matter experts, record their conversations transcribe them and create content. The resulting content can be video, podcasts, and blogs.

Here again John McDougall and the rest of the McDougall Interactive team and I are on the same page. Blogcasting or podcasting is a way to create high quality content easily from clients, and subject matter experts. McDougall Interactive uses this technique to produce quality content for clients.

Branded Content

The issue of creating content is being solved somewhat in the industry, hiring a writer to create content that hits the SEO sweet spot is a great way to create content that people want, but that content doesn’t always reflect a company’s brand, or an owners personality and position. That’s why mixing up content somewhat takes care of the basics along with content from thought leaders in a company is the right path to take.

If you are creating content and it doesn’t quite speak to your voice, one way to solve that branded content problem is to use your voice through podcasting to create content quickly and easily by recording your thoughts and ideas in interviews. You can then structure the content to appear in a blog, or use those podcasts, and blog posts to build longer pieces of content from ebooks, to white papers to books.

Yes, I’m very happy to have joined McDougall Interactive, because I see that the company is developing the sort of digital marketing ideas and processes that will solve some of the big challenges owners, and marketers have with creating quality and branded content.

Search and Social Boston Training

In a few weeks’ time on November 6th, myself and my colleagues here at McDougall Interactive will be presenting on these very topics, how you create inbound marketing content, and what processes and marketing engine you need to build to be successful with content. After all marketing isn’t just about creative ideas, but rather it’s that combination of creative ideas with a thoughtful dedicated process for execution that will build success. I’m speaking on the topics of content and social, including Facebook and Google+. Join me and the rest of the team if you can, or share with me how you are solving the problem of building branded content.

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