Push clients through a sales funnel

Conversion Rate and Its Impact on ROI

Push clients through a sales funnelDriving thousands of people to a terrible website through search and social is useless, because those people aren’t going to convert and you won’t get the full benefit of your SEO or social media optimization. A site with a 3% conversion rate versus a 1% conversion rate would have seen a greater return of real dollars. So when looking at how effective your campaigns are, don’t just look for immediate ROI from social media or, worse, just give up. You must also fix the issues that cause your website to drop the ball after the leads come into the funnel. You must nurture those leads, follow up, and make sure to close deals.

The bottom line is this: to calculate ROI, you need very deep analytics and CRM tools that let you understand what customers are doing over the time that elapses before a sale happens.

Salesforce Integration with Forms and Social Media

SalesforceSmart new marketers are tying Salesforce into all “touches on the website,” such as if someone subscribes to an email newsletter, makes a comment, downloads a white paper, visits Facebook, and then buys. All this can be stored in Salesforce to map the sales process and factors that assisted in sales. Again, HubSpot, which is partially owned by both Salesforce and Google, makes this integration and lead nurturing much easier.

Success and Analytics

Analytics tools are simply amazing, but they are only tools. If you really want greater ROI for search and social media marketing, you must increase your efforts in the realm of analytics. By knowing what customers do or don’t do, and which pages drive more engaged visitors, you can adjust the site to deepen engagement and put more money into the tactics that generate the most sales.

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