Search Social Seminar

Join us at the “Double Whammy” Inbound Marketing Seminar November 6th

Search Social Seminar

If you’re in Massachusetts, you can’t afford to miss our annual Inbound Marketing Seminar at the Burlington Marriott on November 6. It’s an opportunity to learn internet marketing strategies from John McDougall, president of McDougall Interactive and author of the recent book Web Marketing on All Cylinders, available on Amazon now. In addition, John Sherer, Partner Strategist at HubSpot, will be introducing a new online marketing concept known as “Smarketing.”

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What You’ll Get from the Marketing Seminar

  1. Powerful inbound marketing strategies.
  2. Business-safe SEO advice.
  3. On-the-spot website consultation for your business.
  4. More leads instantly from the amount of traffic you have now.
  5. Tools that can help you save time and produce results.

The Experts Speaking

John McDougall

John McDougallJohn McDougall is President of McDougall Interactive and has been doing internet marketing for more than 20 years.

John Cass

John CassJohn Cass is the Director of Digital Marketing at McDougall Interactive.

Jimmy Craig

Jimmy CraigJimmy Craig is partner of MethodLoft and co-head of the video department at McDougall Interactive.

John Sherer

John ShererJohn Sherer is partner strategist with Hubspot.

John Maher

John MaherJohn Maher is the Director of Interactive Marketing Services, Analytics & Reporting at McDougall Interactive.

Justin Parker

Justin ParkerJustin Parker is partner of MethodLoft and co-head of the video department at McDougall Interactive.


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