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How to Set Up a Digg Account

Digg logoSetting up a Digg account is simple and quick. First, visit Digg.com and click on “Join Digg!” at the top of the page. It will then ask you for a username, password, and your email address.

Next, you need to set up your profile. The point of Digg is to get people to follow you and the content that you submit, so your profile needs to be attractive and it needs to stand out. Start by uploading a picture for your avatar – preferably something that attracts the eye. Then, you need to fill out your bio.

Your bio contains all the information about you and your interests. When somebody is looking to follow someone on Digg, they check out their bio to see if they will be sharing content that interests them. Be honest about the type of person you are and the type of content that you are interested in. These will be the things that someone might be looking for when wanting new content from a Digg user. If you are honest, then you will ensure that your followers will be interested in the content that you share.

Finally, fill out your instant messaging and contact information, if so desired. Be careful with the information that you share in this section, as you may not want fellow Digg users to be able to send you instant messages, or contact you at your main email address. Also, you have the opportunity to connect your Digg profile with your other social networks.

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