Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and PR

Link to your story from your Facebook and Google+ pages to encourage “shares.” Send out new messages that pull interesting facts from your press release.

Like and comment on journalists’ Facebook posts.

Facebook groups can be a great way to get involved in discussions about niche topics, and you might be able to connect with journalists there or on LinkedIn if you have something worth sharing. But don’t go right out and ask to be friends on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn with journalists if you haven’t yet established a relationship. Twitter is different and less personal, so you can follow journalists and connect with them there easily. On Facebook and LinkedIn, you can get yourself in trouble if you get too personal too fast. Once you are reasonably connected, however, it’s okay to reach out on LinkedIn.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can be found by reporters looking for a source: use keywords in your title, summary, and throughout your past job descriptions.

Pin your release as a photo on Pinterest and use keywords in your filename, the board you pin it to, and description text.

Make a more personal, less formal, and summarized version of the story for your blog.

Share your press release on SlideShare if it contains or relates to lots of images, facts, statistics, and figures.

Have Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ helped your press releases’ reach?

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