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Americans are Watching More Video Than Ever Before, So How Can You Cash In?

internet marketing video
The Nielsen Company released a study this week that found that Americans are glued to the tube in even greater numbers than last year – a jump that may very well be due to the fact that women and men can now get their video fix on their laptops and phones, and via streaming Internet. TV is still the winner in terms of total hours watched, but online video is definitely inching its way up among almost all demographics.

Unsurprisingly, age is the biggest determining factor in video consumption habits. Adults ages 50 to 84 made up the largest chunk (25%) of traditional TV viewership, while adults ages 35 to 49 comprised the largest segment (27%) of the Internet video audience. Meanwhile, 25 to 34-year-olds accounted for the highest percentage (30%) of mobile video viewership. Impressively, young American teens (ages 12 to 17) spend a full third of their online time watching video.

Now you probably won’t be shocked to hear that we do most of our video viewing on our iPads and iPhones, or via media hard drives that turn our old TVs into monitors so we can watch our downloads on the big screen. And we know for a fact that we are not alone, which means that if you’re looking to promote your product or service, or push your brand in front of some new eyeballs, you can’t go wrong with an online video. Go make one! What’s stopping you from cashing in on the online video marketing revolution?

Yes, there’s business vlogging – a very cool emerging medium that we suggest you try – but your online video doesn’t have to be a serious and straightforward, looking-into-the-camera play by play of your current offerings. Maybe you take your staff out for hibachi and film them trying to catch cukes in their mouths. Maybe you get some company-wide tennis happening and the goofy outtakes become a YouTube sensation. According to some hush hush experts in viral video, creating a viral video isn’t that difficult either. Their tips include:

  • Keep online videos short, as in 15-30 seconds short. You’re going to tell us you can’t come up with 15 seconds of video?
  • Keep online videos SIMPLE. Make it so anyone who wants to edit your video can.
  • No advertising. Advertise in your ads, not your online videos. Videos are for entertainment and education.
  • Go for shock value, end of story.

We think that the key to making awesome online videos is not to overthink them. Consider what would appeal to you – grab you, even – and then make it. If you’re creating an online video for marketing purposes, the grab factor is probably more important than having people walk away knowing your brand name. When your video assaults their senses and gets them excited, they will do what it takes to find out just who the heck you are.

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