Pinterest marketing part II

Get Started on Pinterest in 4 Hours Over 4 Days or Less Part II

Pinterest marketing part II

Day 1, Hour 1:

Create your Pinterest account. Use your email or your Facebook or Twitter account. I started with my email, as you can turn Facebook and Twitter on or off later. You will be asked to follow five people to get started. Look at this as just training wheels. You can delete them later if you decide not to follow them after all. Experiment by deleting all followers and adding more. Make some comments, add some pictures of anything just to get started (and then delete them). Just have fun exploring, searching, and playing around.

Day 2, Hour 2:

Strategize about what boards will mean the most to your business. Pick three to five really important subject areas. Share your company’s personality as well as content that is based on keywords (such as “Historic Photos of Golf Clubs” or “Fresh Seafood Recipes”). Research what your peers and competitors are doing.

Day 3, Hour 3:

Collect images that you have already from your blog and website in a folder and make subfolders by board name. Then have a heart-to-heart with yourself about how you will get more great images made. Do you hire a designer? Do you learn image editing tools enough to make your own? However you choose to do it, make a plan, because you will quickly run out of images and other material that you already have in post-able format. Then post the material you have available to share and add descriptions and links back to your site.

Day 4, Hour 4:

Engage with other people on Pinterest by commenting on and liking pins. Ask people you know to share your pins. Later, when your boards are amazing, you can ask influencers to interact with and share your pins. Add the “pin it” button on your website, blog and social media platforms. Add the “follow me” button for websites on your home page. Look at referral sources using Google Analytics to see if anyone has come to your site from Pinterest and what their engagement levels are once they get to your site.

While this is just a start, it will help you build confidence and you can get more advanced from there.

Pinterest is more powerful than you know and is pure genius. Now get pinning!


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