10 Flickr SEO tips

10 Flickr SEO Tips for Amazing Visibility

Flickr SEO tips

Photo sharing is huge in the online community! Standing out from the pack and generating traffic from search engines is important for maximum exposure. Here are our top 10 Flickr SEO tips:

1) Optimize your photos for maximum effectiveness

Tag each photo and upload a higher-quality image. This makes your images easier to find and easier to download in the size that the user may want.

2) Promote your Flickr profile wherever you can

Integrate your Flickr profile with other social networks – submit a photo to StumbleUpon, automatically post photos to Facebook, and tweet pictures regularly to your Twitter site. If you have a blog, integrate a Flickr slideshow. Add a link to your Flickr profile in your email signature. Promote it as much as possible.

3) Use your own images in your blog posts

Bloggers tend to go to Flickr to find high-quality images for their articles. If you are a blogger, try to use your own pictures in your posts. Link the photo to your Flickr profile so that, when someone clicks on the image in your blog post, they will be taken directly to your Flickr profile.

4) Get involved with Flickr groups

Being on Flickr is a social activity. Join groups relevant to your interests and your pictures, and share to them. Comment on the other pictures shared to the group. Get involved and engage other users.

5) Add a Creative Commons License to your photos

As stated before, bloggers like to use Flickr photos in their posts. By adding a Creative Commons License to your photos, any blogger can use your photos in their posts as long as they give you the credit for the image. This is a great way to generate traffic and allow bloggers to have a high-quality image for their article.

6) Use your Flickr stats to analyze sources of traffic

Flickr’s analytics are only available to Pro users, but just as Google Analytics can help you optimize your blog posts for the main sources of your traffic, you can do the same with your images and Flickr’s stats.

7) Invest in a Pro account

Not only do you get access to those statistics, but a Pro account also allows you to upload more pictures, remove ads, and have more organization options.

8) Use your description for keywords

Decide which keywords you want to target and then include these keywords in your description. Wisely-chosen keywords will generate traffic.

9) Create new titles for your photos

Uniquely name each photo instead of letting your camera’s default file name serve as the photo name. Including the keyword in the title is even better. A photo titled “Stop Sign at The Intersection” will work much better than “DC000105”.

10) Change your file names, too

In the same vein as changing the titles of the photos, changing the file name will help the indexing of your photo. Search engines also consider file names, so use your keywords in your file names, using a hyphen in between words (“keyword-rich-file-name-here.jpg”).

Image: CarbonNYC

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