19 Reasons the Internet Has Changed Marketing Forever

internet marketing ROI

1. Increases ROI on all other forms of marketing

2. Directed by the user vs. passive

3. High ROI, organic SEO campaigns can last for years

4. More tools than any other media in history to track performance

5. Enormous audience that can be surgically targeted

6. Often a small budget can beat or compete with an entire traditional marketing budget in terms of track-able leads

7. Most likely to produce a sale because it’s active not passive

8. Most interaction with customers

9. Lowest-cost way to keep in constant contact

10. Strongest loyalty building through social conversation marketing and user generated content

11. Viral effect generates extra and often unexpected activity such as media attention

12. Constantly changeable content at a low cost

13. Laser target by demographic

14. Track results in real time

15. Approximately 85% – 90% of web traffic comes from search engines

16. Search delivers relevant information just when the searcher needs it

17. Search has eclipsed radio advertising

18. Search has eclipsed yellow pages advertising

19. Social media creates a bond with your customers and can solve some of their problems (versus annoying them with ads)

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