Google AdWords Help - Account Setup Tips

Google AdWords Help – Account Setup Tips

Google AdWords Help - Account Setup Tips

An e-mail address is Required to Create a Google AdWords Account

Looking for Google AdWords help? This may seem like the most basic AdWords help tip, but it is an often overlooked aspect of setting up your first AdWords account. In my many years of managing PPC campaigns, I’ve seen problems arise again and again from ignoring this fundamental step when you create a Google AdWords account. First, let me define what your AdWords account should represent to your business. It’s your organization’s investment in generating leads or sales, based on unique marketing insights, which could give you a competitive advantage. To protect this important source of information, you need to be sure access to the account remains in your control. Here are few dos and don’ts:

  • Create an email just for Google PPC ads and use the same email account for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, for easy linking between accounts (a Gmail account is not required, but it is really the ideal way to go)
  • Avoid letting an outside agency or individual create the email account, unless it’s under your direction
  • Document the password and use Google’s two-step verification process to confirm any changes

Once you have created the email account, this will be used for the Google AdWords account you create. The email account name is how Google will identify you as the rightful owner of the account, and they will associate it with a Customer ID number. All billing and account notices will be sent to that email address, and that address will be granted default Admin privileges. If you lose a record of the account email address, Google will make it very difficult for you to regain access to the account, even if you can prove the associated credit card is yours! You will find that Google AdWords help pages are not much help at all.

An important aspect of your Google AdWords account is that, over time, it becomes a great source of marketing insights. When I audit a PPC account, I always learn a lot about what worked or didn’t work, with respect to a client’s overall advertising efforts. This can be a very real competitive advantage. A final bit of AdWords help and advice: be careful about who you give Google AdWords account access to, it contains a lot more insights to your entire business than you may realize.

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