Content internet marketing

Never Forget That Content Is King

Content internet marketing

If you’re not aware of the importance of truly engaging quality content, get out in the sunlight and prepare for battle! Content development isn’t always easy, but it’s never a killer and it’s ridiculously important. You can have the best looking website in the world, but if you’re not focused at least in part on content development, the chances of anyone seeing your great web design or sticking around long enough to notice it is close to nil.

Find a way to give users multiple forms of content, from information that proves your company is the best choice to free information that helps your website visitors solve a problem or get great value. In other words, SHARE! The web is like a digital campfire – tell stories that are captivating and helpful, and visitors will be loyal to your site. That’s how you become an authority in your field and that’s what ultimately gets you noticed by both people and Google in a big way.

Content Development and the Trust Factor

Users know intuitively that if a site has lots of white papers, articles, FAQs, tips and tricks, etc., that the site is likely an authoritative resource. Content plays a psychological role in converting visitors into customers and overall website size matters to Google, too.

If you search Google for you will see a site with over 20,000 pages indexed. Do the same search on any local competitor that does mortgages and you will likely see no more than 10-50 pages indexed. When vying for top ranks, you can’t expect Google to treat you with the same respect they give to sites with large volumes of content. Unless you have content lots of great content of your own!

SEO Marketing Companies Can’t Make Pigs Fly!

Your site is only as good as its content, and if the content development is poor no amount of magic SEO dust will help you get to the number one spot. Ask yourself:

  • If there was no such thing as the internet and there were no brochures, what would your pitch be?
  • What is the information that makes you unique?

Try to ensure the things you do offline and the pitch you give to people in person are replicated in a digital format.

The truth is most small business owners don’t have time to generate new content for their websites, often struggle with regularly generating a small amount of weak text and sadly are often too afraid to give a professional writer a try. One way or another, you will need regular content that changes and increases or you will not be highly regarded by the search engines. Before you obsess over the design and animated graphics, think about how simply designed the best sites in the world are and why you go to them.

The takeaway: Most top sites are popular due to the content and not necessarily the design. There are plenty of popular sites that look bad or just aren’t visually entertaining, but very few cool looking sites with poor content that ever get recognized.

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