Building up your business blog

Building Your Business Blog from the Ground Up

Building up your business blogMaybe you’re still not convinced that you need a blog and you think you don’t have the time for one. If blogging is really so hard, how is it that there are hundreds of millions of active blogs—and that’s just the English-language blogs. Worldwide, there may be more like a billion active blogs.

You may be tempted to set up your blog the quick and dirty way by signing up for a free Blogger account or opening an account on another blogging platform like WordPress. While that is one way to get a blog going, remember what I said before about blogging working in your favor from an SEO perspective because the content you add to your blog is in effect adding optimized pages to your website. That is only true if your blog is set up as a part of your website. Any content you add to a Blogger blog or a blog only serves to increase Blogger’s or’s SEO/indexed page count, and they certainly don’t need your help with content. Then there’s the professionalism factor.

What looks more professional:


The point is, you always want to keep control of your content. Posting to a free blogging site like does not ensure that.

The moral of the story: Do the slightly more difficult, but much more intelligent thing and have your technical guru set up your business blog on your actual website. In no time, you’ll have grown your website into a one-stop resource in your niche that is attractive to both search engines and people because of the sheer amount of high-quality content found there.

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