Interview bloggers content marketing

23 Cool Ideas for Blog Content

Interview bloggers content marketing

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Running out of blog topic ideas?

1) Answer frequently asked questions

Write posts answering common questions your potential customers have.

2) Set up interviews

Interview leaders in your field.

3) Talk about other people’s statistics

Share your perspective on industry statistics and data.

4) Talk and share your own statistics

Share industry statistics and data that only you have.

5) Use popular icons in your writing

Use the names of historical figures, TV, cartoon characters, or celebrities in blog post titles like “What Shakespeare Can Teach You About Writing a Blog” or “How Snoop Dogg Would Promote Golf Resorts.”

6) Book reviews

Review a book that’s relevant to your industry.

7) Predict how things will happen

Make a prediction about the future of your industry.

8) Mention the top bloggers

Curate/review content by the best bloggers in your field.

9) Myth-busting

Debunk misconceptions about your industry.

10) Controversial case study

Write a case study that has a controversial angle.

11) Share your news-worthy events

Share news about your company.

Share work tools in your industry

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12) Mention the tools you use

Create a list of the vital web tools and software in your industry.

13) Review your time at a convention/business-related event

Review an industry event you’ve attended and share a valuable insight or perspective about it.

14) Share your ups

Share your success (or a client’s success story—with permission).

15) Share your downs

Share your failure or a lesson learned.

16) Repurpose your content

Recycle your content from other mediums, such as video or white papers, to create a blog version.

17) Lists

Create a list (because everyone likes a good list).

18) Simplifying a complex issue

Take a complex issue and break it down into simple terms.

19) How-to guide

Create a how-to guide, explaining something step by step.

20) Industry news

Share industry news, including your observations to add value. Use Google Alerts to deliver relevant headlines to your email inbox and write a regular niche news column.

21) Using different media to promote your product

Make charts or graphs that explain common uses for your product or service.

Surveymonkey logo22) Have a survey

Use SurveyMonkey to survey your customers and then make a video or write an article summarizing the results.

23) Funny video idea

Make a funny video about how not to use your product.

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