Creating consistent content is as easy as talking!

If you can talk passionately, you can have blog and website content created for you consistently and highly optimized for the search engines and social sharing!

ConsistentContent program details

You know that you need to be generating content to build your online presence, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Consider ConsistentContent, our program that will help you develop content that’s great for Google’s latest “Hummingbird” algorithm, is engaging for your readers (because it’s based on your expert “voice”), and is great for generating consistent social media buzz.

With ConsistentContent, you’ll get a one-hour consultation each month with our search and social media experts to map out your strategy and content (based on keyword, competitor, and trend research), and then we’ll create four (4) blogs via podcasts each month, created in a one-hour monthly session (over the phone or in person) and record six (6) videos for posting on your site (1 video per month created in one filming in the first month of the campaign). This can be done over Skype/Google Hangouts if necessary. Sometimes this can actually be an advantage, if you get multiple people/thought leaders, to join a video discussion done online.

Here’s what our clients are saying about the experience of simply having to show up in person or even over Skype and speak about your passions, just like you do with your customers:

“I can’t believe how easy it was to create great ‘real’ authoritative content for our site and blog!”
– John Cooke, BankFive 

ConsistentContent is the fastest and easiest way to get in the search and social media game, with a minimum of time and effort on your part and a maximum return on investment.

ConsistentContent program deliverables:    

  1. 4 Podcasts a month made into blog posts via podcast transcriptions (1 session per month)
  2. 6 Videos (1 minute each, shot in one session – we will post one video blog post per month)
  3. 1 E-book per 6-month engagement (cover design, layout, and content based on podcasts)
  4. 1 hour per month of consultation on keywords, topic ideas, and questions you may have

Please note that the ConsistentContent program does not include web development or consulting outside of the one hour a month discussion and the posting of blogs. If you need regular SEO and social media advice, please consider our Inbound Marketing Jumpstart program. If you need assistance with web development, our hourly rate is $125. If you need hourly inbound marketing support, our hourly rate is $250 when not engaged in our JumpStart program or above.

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