Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design with Persuasive Writing and Campaign Management

Once upon a time, paid search was a ‘set it and forget it’ option in the online marketing world, but all that changed with the advent of quality-based paid search costs and positions, as well as more sophisticated tracking strategies for judging the effectiveness of campaigns.

Now paid search requires an understanding of both assessment tools and landing page testing to ensure you get the most out of each click you’re paying for. McDougall Interactive senior-level paid search specialists can help you achieve max ROI on paid search campaigns with custom landing page design, targeted copy writing, and expert campaign management that takes your paid search advertising to the next level.

Custom Integrated Landing Page Design

Fact: Unless you’re sending visitors to a targeted landing page designed specifically for paid search campaign, you’re probably losing customers. Paid search simply does not live up to its full potential without integrated conversion-specific landing page design like ours, which are written by certified experts in the field. Potential customers need to end up not on your home page, but on a page that is hyper relevant to their search and includes a clear message and compelling call to action.

McDougall Interactive can also custom design landing pages as part of search engine optimization strategies or social media campaigns.

Targeted Landing Page Copy

Partnering with McDougall Interactive’s talented in house copy writers to compose persuasive copy for your custom integrated paid search landing pages means increased conversions and a whole lot of buzz. What does integration mean in terms of text? We will track the results of your paid search campaigns and adjust the copy and call-outs based on our findings. Our goal is to back up your branding on every landing page and to entice potential customers to act on your offerings using scientifically proven principles.

Expert Paid Search Management

When McDougall Interactive is at the helm of your paid search, there’s no guesswork involved. Our paid search advertising campaigns are rigorous and based around competitive analysis and optimum keywords that are derived from extensive research and A/B testing. We increase your web traffic/click-through-rates and conversions by determining what works and what doesn’t so you always achieve the best possible ROI on your paid search campaigns.