Content Development

Users know intuitively that if a site has articles, white papers, FAQs, tips and tricks, and other well-written, engaging content designed to help visitors, that site is an authority in its field. But the benefit of strategic content development on your website is twofold: In addition to showing people that you are an expert, you also demonstrate to the search engines that your site is important and deserves to be top ranked.

The bottom line is that when vying for top ranks, you can’t expect Google to treat you with the respect they give to sites with large volumes of content. Huge, national companies know this and may have 20,000 or more indexed pages on their websites – a local competitor with a site that’s all of 10 pages will never be as well ranked.

While you may not have the time or resources to add thousands of pages worth of quality content to your website all at once, McDougall Interactive can put you on a path of customized content development that will eventually lead to your having thousands of pages of unique content that attracts the attention of both search engines and potential customers. We treat every content development project like an executive account, with one-on-one copy creation and big agency talent.

Creating a Content Development Plan

We have helped hundreds of companies solidify their content development strategies. When your optimization approach is comprehensive, it’s the natural first step! When you partner with McDougall Interactive for your content development strategy and needs, you benefit from our agency background and decades of experience. We will help you examine the content you currently have to determine how best to build a bank of resources that are attractive to both people and search engines.

The content we develop in partnership with you will reflect your company’s unique profile, online and offline. Our goal is to represent your brand – your pitch and the products and services that make your business exceptional are the raw materials we use to assist you as you work toward the level of content saturation that defines the big players in your industry.

Email Newsletters

McDougall Interactive’s editorial specialists can show you how to create and maintain a winning email newsletter, as well as how to maximize the returns on that content by integrating it into a business blog. Email newsletter content can also be turned into a link building tool. Even one single short article a month, sent in an email newsletter and then archived on your site, can be a great way to show search engines that you are contributing to and creating community.


Podcasting is another element of content development that McDougall Interactive’s content development experts can help you implement on your site. Your own expertise, as well as that of your employees and colleagues, can serve as the basis of a series of monthly or weekly podcasts that are featured on your company website and your blog. Additionally, the transcripts of your streaming audio files can be used for SEO purposes and to add content to your newsletter or blog.

Website Content Development and Branding

When you can clearly state your company’s unique selling proposition and back up your brand with key conversion points, you will close more deals. Your content development strategy should evolve within the context of your overall positioning to ensure that your text and podcasts reflect the value of and promote your brand. McDougall Interactive can consult with you one-on-one to determine where your branding is working and where your content needs a tighter focus.

SEO Writing

Our team of talented writers and editors understands not only the importance of adding keywords to our clients’ websites, but also the importance of using keywords eloquently. Your branding is often the determining factor when it comes time to decide how and where to use keyword phrases in your website copy, so McDougall Interactive always approaches our brand of senior-level SEO writing with your unique selling proposition in mind. We can help you adjust your website copy, reduce the density of overly obvious keyword phrases, and add pages to your website to avoid repetition of keyword phrases.

Persuasive Writing

Optimization involves so much more than adding keywords to existing site copy, which is why McDougall Interactive can consult with you to assess the effectiveness of your current website text. Sounding convincing and pointing to action items can dramatically increase conversions. We can help you compile resources that confirm your expertise (awards, press mentions, etc.) and assemble a list of trigger words that will prompt site visitors to act.

Sponsored Ad Copy – PPC Ads

Writing miniscule text ads that generate leads takes a special talent – not only writing talent, but also knowledge of keywords and consumer psychology. Subtle differences like the difference between saying cheap shoes and discount shoes can make a radical impact on your conversion rate. McDougall Interactive’s in house content development and PPC teams can work together to create and track ads with:

  • Catchy titles
  • Trigger words
  • Expert branding
  • Confirmation of excellence

Landing Page Copy

Landing page copy requires extreme focus on one goal, namely inspiring the user to take action. Whether your goal is to prompt visitors to fill out a form or to download an ebook, a good landing page funnels users through a short pitch and a list of benefits and/or services to one specific trackable goal. A quality landing page can radically improve your ROI, and McDougall Interactive has a track record of creating landing pages that work. There are just some things a webmaster cannot do!