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I just wanted to say that I am blown away by you guys.  If Washington D.C. worked like this group, I would feel no need to run for office.

Mark Alliegro, PhD, Candidate for U.S. Congress

McDougall Interactive built a new site for The Essex Room, which launched less than 6 weeks ago. They’re also doing search engine optimization and paid search for us, and already we’ve gone from 4 leads per week to 15 leads per week. Everyone at McDougall Interactive is kind, courteous, super smart, and easy to deal with. They put difficult, hard-to-understand concepts into layman’s terms and break complex processes into easy-to-understand, logical steps. The experts at McDougall handle everything from search engine optimization and analytics to social media and conversion optimization, and they’re all charming people.

Maureen Woodman, Owner, Woodman’s and The Essex Room

Picture a blind man (me) being guided (by you) through a (Google) mine field. Everything you (and the “McDougall Team”) have done for me and my website is more than I ever could have imagined. I’m trying not to sound “unprofessional,” but it’s wonderful!

Again, thank you!

John F. Murphy, Esq. – The Whistleblower Lawyer

Thanks John, we were in England last week and did a google search for one of our artists – we came up as the first hit! We are thrilled and feedback has been very good!!

Sarah “Tee” Wall – The American Marine Model Gallery, Inc.

After a couple false starts with other companies, I finally found the perfect partner in McDougall Interactive. They paid attention to what I needed and listened to my ideas. Their designer came up with the perfect look and feel for my business. Also, the audio on my site sounds great and works without a hitch, thanks to McDougall Interactive’s multimedia expertise. Now that I’m higher-ranked in search engines, I’ve been getting more calls from propsective new clients.

Mary Ellen Whitaker – Principal, Voice of Clarity

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for all of you’re hard work, diligence and attention to detail throughout the entire process of creating our web site, PinnacleLending.biz . We have been extremely pleased with all you have suggested, come up with and put into action. You are truly a team player. We would be happy to recommend you to any business owner who would like to create their own web site. Thanks again!!

Lisa A. O’Brien – Pinnacle Lending Group

I had an old cgi shopping cart with about one hundred products in it a few years ago. Our site was in frames and people complained that if it did come up in the search engines they only got part the frame. Now I have a nine hundred page site that ranks in the search engines for so many key phrases and instrument names that my traffic has increased dramatically. I have had to pay more for bandwidth because my hosting company says they need to charge me more since so many people are using the site. They have increased the bandwidth charges 2 or 3 times. A good problem to have.Much better than the 25k a mo. banner ads that I’ve heard can generate less clicks and have poor conversions. We have also done a bit of pay per click advertising and have had some success there but we feel there is a better ROI on the optimization, especially given the fraudulent click problem with PPC. Now I’m convinced that optimization is where it’s at.

Dominic Cucinotti – Principal, Dominic’s Music

Because you did an excellent job ranking HAOL to #1 in yahoo, I got an offer from a competitor to buy me out! It’s not an outrageous sum of money, but it worked! Thank you.

(The company has since been bought out based solely on the #1 ranking.)

Dr. Andrew Baker – Previous Owner, Hearing Aids Online

These guys are truly professional – they listen, analyze the problem, develop a plan, advise you, and produce results without killing the budget.

The most impressive thing about them to me is that they not only respond quickly, but they actually know their business. We have tried other SEO & SEM firms in the past that produced little or no results, because they didn’t have the capabilities or knowledge about search engines that they claimed to possess.

One company (a large East Coast ad agency) actually did things that hurt us badly – their sloppy methodology inadvertently removed us from the search engines for a period of time. MCDI came in, fixed the problems, and we’ve used them ever since.

The person you want to speak with is the owner, John McDougall – nice guy, no high pressure, and extremely knowledgeable.

Randy Williams – Principal, Vantage Technologies, Inc.

I just wanted to say AGAIN how delightful your staff is to work with… What a RELIEF! I am grateful – it seems like service with a smile should be the rule of the day, however it often is not. My experience doing the first webpage [with another company] bordered on abuse and I think I actually might have post traumatic stress syndrome regarding it! I look forward to working with everyone at McDougall Interactive. Thanks!

Rhonda Woodman – Woodman’s of Essex

I learned more today about web-based marketing than I have in the last 10-12 years. As you will come to learn, I’m not too sentimental, nor am I shy or humble about my abilities. I’ve often struggled with the fact that I’m one of the very best trial lawyers around (both DUI Defense & PI), but my internet presence was either stuck or becoming just another face in the ever growing crowd.

I can’t wait to harness all the talent, vision, creativity and knowledge that each of you bring to the table, and I appreciate your willingness to explain things to me as we go. I’m actually inspired. It feels like some very dynamic, strong, smart people “have my back” on the web, while I wail away in Court day after day. The reduction in my stress level from a business/practice perspective can’t be overstated. I can’t wait to kick butt on the web and bring my firm to the next level. Thanks again for all you are doing.

Attorney Michael Bowser, P.C.

I am very impressed of how nice the blog turned out especially since I gave just a few topic titles for you to work with. When I answered your email the other day, I was in a rush in between patients and I realize that I did not give you a lot of information. You obviously did your research and homework on the topics and made it work! Thanks again for a job well done.

Elizabeth Roche, M.D. – President, Elizabeth Roche M.D. Med Spa

I have people calling about the workshop already… thanks for all your guidance. I am getting lots of feedback about my website and how wonderful it is, very pleasing, very informative. Kudos for you and your team.

Nancy  – Adventure Play

Great search ranking results so far! We’re very excited about our progress.

Pat P. – SVP Director of Marketing, Metro Credit Union

Thanks for the SEO of my website – it was amazing to see how quickly I rose in the ranks. I’ll have to be careful it doesn’t go to my head being #1. Of course it will take time, I’m sure, to see the real life results of what that means for my business, but I’ll keep you posted on the progress. You’ve been great to work with on this and made it very understandable to a computer illiterate like me and got it done so quickly.

Joan K. – Simple Effects