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5 Common Copywriting Problems You Can Fix Today

Writing for the web is two-fold – not only are you writing to users who may be interested in purchasing your products or services, but you’re also writing for search engines that are deciding how your content should be ranked. The result is a delicate dance that can be difficult to master.

Here are 5 common copywriting problems and their fixes that you can use right now to improve your content and strengthen your brand’s position online.

8 Copywriting Problems to Fix Now

1. Your Content Isn’t Connecting With Readers

Problem: If readers struggle to stay interested in your content, you’re going to have a tough time calling them to action. Boring, vague, or dry writing that users can’t visualize is unlikely to do well, especially on social media.

Solution: Good content relates to its readers. Great content empathizes with them, connecting in meaningful ways and setting the stage for a well-received call to action. Make sure your content is engaging users right off the bat in your introduction and offers valuable, actionable information throughout.

2. It’s Not Scan and Skim Friendly

Problem: Walls of text are bad business when it comes to copywriting and content marketing. Web users need to be able to scan content quickly, identify key topics, and skim the sections they’re most interested in. Text-heavy pages with little to no formatting usually have high bounce rates across all niches, regardless of brand or topic. They also tend to be poorly ranked in search engines.

Solution: Write paragraphs that are short and easy to read, ideally no more than three sentences long. Even if users only scan the subheadings of your blog, they should still be able to understand what the article is about. Use bullets, bold font, and other text formatting to indicate where users should look next.

3. There’s No Clear Call to Action

Problem: Users need clear, decisive calls to action that tell them what to do and when to do it. Ambiguous verbiage – or worse, no CTA at all – can turn a would-be-valuable piece of content into a dud that drives no traffic and converts no leads.

Solution: Your blogs, podcasts, videos, and any other content published for your brand should have obvious calls to action. Readers should never question what to do or where to go next, or even why they should. This is all information that should be woven neatly into the bottom of your article, or in a few places throughout if your content is very long.

4. Problem: You Have No Social Proof

Problem: Without social proof, readers have no idea if your content is legit, where it’s coming from, or if others have verified its authenticity or quality. Because anyone can post anything on the internet for free, social proof is crucial to communicate to users that you are bona fide.

Solution: If you have awards, endorsements, or belong to any organizations, try to feature these logos towards the top of your website or content so it’s one of the first things users see. If you don’t yet have professional accolades, it’s well worth it to start networking and joining groups relevant to your business now to begin building social proof.

5. You Don’t Have a Linear Flow

Problem: Musing or waxing poetic in a piece of content meant to give users helpful information or call them to action is one of the fastest ways to get them to bounce. Not only does content need to be scan and skim friendly online, it should have a logical and linear flow from one thought or point to the next. When a blog or article doesn’t achieve this, readers are often left confused and don’t know why the content is important or how it’s applicable to their lives.

Solution: Write your content outline first and make sure it flows well between sections. New paragraphs should make sense in the context of the previous ones and segues between thoughts and concepts should be smooth. You don’t want readers to feel like any of the sections are awkward, unexpected, or out of place with the others.

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