What should I tweet?

Use Twitter to Build Trust, Buzz, and Engagement

What should I tweet?Imagine that you have just 140 characters (not words) to reveal what you are doing right this second, and you get a small sense of why Twitter exploded onto the web scene just a few years ago and why so many people are on it all day long.

When Michael Jackson passed away, people ran to Twitter to find out how and why. When the conflicts in Iraq and Egypt blew up, word got out using Twitter when other communication channels were blocked.

The world changed the moment this microblogging site went live. As a marketer, you need to know how to handle it to get the best results from Twitter. And until the arrival of Pinterest, Twitter was the world’s fastest-growing website.

As of the first quarter of 2013, Twitter was estimated to have some 500 million users (although estimates place the number of “active” users at about 200 million). With all those people, the chances for networking are endless.

And while Twitter has evolved greatly since its inception just several years ago, it is still an incredible way for you to build your brand awareness and visibility.

If you are late to the party, we strongly suggest that you go and set up your free account at Twitter now.

You can use your company name as your corporate Twitter handle but don’t overlook the power of your personal Twitter account for sharing what you are passionate about in business. You will have to use a hyphen or a number at the end if someone else has already taken your exact business or personal name.

Fill out your profile as best as you can and upload a photo. Make sure your Twitter background image is consistent with your brand and the look and feel of your other social media profiles.

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