7 day plan for LinkedIn

The LinkedIn 7 Day Plan to Get Started

7 day plan for LinkedIn

7 Day Starter Plan for Marketing on LinkedIn

Here’s a small outline of what you should be doing for your 1st week on LinkedIn:

Day 1

Sign up, research competitors’ and experts’ profiles, create your own profile fully (don’t forget to use keywords), and add five connections to people you know who are on LinkedIn already.

Day 2

Give 3 unsolicited recommendations and ask for 3 recommendations.

Day 3

Join 5 groups and make a list of ones you would like to start.

Day 4

Answer a few questions in the LinkedIn groups. Just make sure to not only post your blog posts but to share others too. Making it all about you can come off as spammy to the other people in the group.

Day 5

Ask five connections to introduce you to new contacts.

Day 6

Add 25 new connections. Do not just add people you already know from importing contacts from your email, the goal here is to reach out to people you’re not as close with. Use Advanced People Search.

Day 7

Create your company page. You can read some tips on starting your company page in our blog post here.

Do You Hear That Ringing?

Hey, the phone is ringing. It just might be someone from LinkedIn! Now it’s your turn to make more connections than you could have ever imagined.

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