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I once heard Jeffrey Hayzlett speak. He’s considered a celebrity chief marketing officer, and ran Kodak’s marketing. If I remember correctly, he had a billion-dollar advertising budget! He takes chances, isn’t afraid to make mistakes, and says that no one dies when your marketing goes haywire. If you aren’t a bit daring, you may not have big wins. He is awesome on Twitter and has the following stats:

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett Twitter

  • 16,275 tweets
  • 58,133 following

Hayzlett tweets on anything from “becoming a modern marketing leader” to “it’s the marketer’s job to create tension” to “happy birthday from the smart asses in your new hood!”

By listening to online conversations and using them, Kodak turned a Twitter suggestion about a product enhancement into the next iteration of the product, which outsold the competition 10 to 1. Now that is listening to your customers and acting on their suggestions!

Another favorite of mine on Twitter is Guy Kawasaki, whose stats are below:

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki Twitter

  • 108,435 tweets
  • 296,097 following

Kawasaki has done marketing with top brands like Apple. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984.

He tweets on things ranging from “are consumers ready to embrace social commerce?” to “13 ways to use turkey leftovers.”

Who Has the Largest Number of Followers?

The New York Times, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Whole Foods Market, as of fourth quarter 2012, have the largest number of followers for business, according to Twitter and

The New York Times

Shares recent headlines with links to their website, where followers can read the full articles.


Which now performs over one billion online searches each day, shares their latest products and interests directly to their followers. They promote Google Maps and other products and tweet between one and four times per day.


Which has over 1 billion users, shares its latest features, applications, upgrades, and links to their latest client reviews. They tweet on average a few times a week.


Uses tweets to share news about their latest technology, to perform surveys, and to update Apple users on the latest news. Apple is tweeting at least once per hour—most days, considerably more.

Whole Foods Market

Offers recipes, healthy eating information, FAQs, surveys, and giveaways. They tweet at least twice per day.

Twitter is great for word-of-mouth advertising, keeping customers up to date on the latest offers, and creating popularity for products and services. Apple and Whole Foods seem to have created a nice balance of marketing and information their clients want to hear. Look to what other people and companies are doing for ideas, and you may find that Twitter turns out to be much more approachable than you thought.

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