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Tips for Using Flickr for Marketing

Flickr's traffic for the month

We estimated Flickr’s monthly traffic with Quantcast.

Flickr for marketingFlickr is considered by many to be the premier online photo management site. Since it’s bringing in so much daily traffic, this makes it attractive for businesses to tap into. In fact, Flickr just made a big rebound and is now up to around 11 million visits a month.

Flickr is driven by two core values: 1) Users are seeking to make photos available to the people who matter to them most, and 2) Flickr strives to enable newer ways to organize users’ photos every day.

The basic idea behind photo-sharing sites is that you upload your images, name them, and then tag them. You do this so the photos have a better chance of being found in Flickr and search engines.

An Example

Suppose you own a gift card business. You can take photos of all of your newest gift cards, especially ones that you think would do well when shared socially (e.g., a funny cat gift card). When filling out the information on Flickr for your uploads, you will want to use (if possible) a keyword with the gift card. So, for example, if the keyword was “funny gift card,” you would title the photo something like “Funny gift card of a cat dancing.”

In your tags you could and should be more direct with your keywords, like “funny gift cards” or “funny cat gift cards” or “hilarious gift cards.”

This helps you gain more exposure on Flickr by taking advantage of their own internal search engine and Google, and then this traffic can funnel down to your business’s website. Read about optimizing your Flickr profile for search engines here.

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