Killer tips for Pinterest marketing: Part I

Killer Tips on Using Pinterest for Business: Part I

Killer tips for Pinterest marketing: Part I
Struggling to find actionable strategies for your business’s Pinterest account? Here is 15 ideas to get you started on your social media marketing campaign.

1) Create content

Repinning versus creating new content is the most common activity, so if you become a content creator you are in the elite. 80% of pins are repins so make sure you’re adding unique things to Pinterest and you can benefit a lot.

2) Repin non-competing images and video

Mix original content with content created by others that you curate/share.

3) Be niche with your pins

Be sure to craft the story told by your pinboards to appeal to a particular audience. The more focused on a specific audience, the better.

4) Use tall images

Tall images like infographics expands the page (Pinterest doesn’t just use a thumbnail) so you’re more likely to get clicked on and viewed. It is possible to get a little too extreme with this and just annoying viewers.

5) Adding the right amount of text

200-character descriptions get repinned the most.

6) Pin a variety of things

Pin a variety of photos, from funny to daring. This also includes infographics and videos.

7) Show the people behind the curtain

Include some business and some personal content.

8) A starting off point for pins and pinboards

As a rule of thumb start out with at least 10 boards with a minimum of 5 pins each (so in the featured images on the pinboard a grey box does not show).

9) Put important pinboards on top

Move your most important Pinterest boards to slots 2, 3, and 4 on your profile as these are the most visible.

10) Get attractive pinboard covers

Besides your profile picture, pinboard cover photos are the first images visitors see, so make them great.

11) Be direct with your pinboard names

Make short and relevant board names and if possible make them optimized for search engines.

12) It’s not all about you on Pinterest

Don’t be overtly promotional or you will lose followers.

13) Engage your followers

Start a conversation with people interacting with your important boards, repin, or like their pins, etc.

14) Pin from relevant websites

Pin content from sites that you know will interest your target audience.

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