Killer tips for Pinterest marketing: Part II

Killer Tips on Using Pinterest for Business: Part II

Killer tips for Pinterest marketing: Part II

1) Follow

Start following users and/or individual boards that you like and engage with them to help build your own fan base.

2) Comment & like relevant pins

Comment on and “like” the pins of other users and businesses. After all, it is a social medium.

3) Link to the original source

Pins should always link to the original site the content came from. Check the source of the pin and don’t repin if the source looks fake. (From Pinterest’s “Pin Etiquette” Guidelines: Credit Your Sources!)

4) Put your URL on images

Consider adding your URL on images so it will always be connected to your brand.

5) The more the merrier with pinboards

Pin across a range of boards.

6) Add prices to your pins

If you sell products, add prices to your pins.

7) Be consistent with your pinning

Pin regularly, not everything all at once. Pinterest is not like Facebook and Twitter, where the visibility of a post in a newsfeed is limited to a short period of time (hours).  Pins will remain in view for days or weeks. Pinning for a few minutes a couple of times per day is enough to get you started.

8) The right time to pin

The best times to pin are weekends and between 2 pm and 4 pm.

9) Use tags

Use @tags to notify the user you are engaging with.

10) Use hashtags

Use hashtags (#) to highlight keywords.

11) Be appreciative

Thank people for repinning your content.

12) Pin frequently

Pin new content to your boards regularly.

13) Get users from other social networks on Pinterest

Drive fans from other social platforms to your boards with references to specific content (“Hey, what do you think of the cover design for my next book?”), not just a generic request to “join me on Pinterest.”

14) Do your research

Research what your customers are pinning by searching on the Pinterest dashboard.

15) Fill out your profile

Take time to set up your account properly. If you own a business, set up an account in your business name, using your logo. Set up the links to your website and social media channels on your profile.

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