SEO-Optimized Online PR Is Winning the Race, Part II

Most journalists use Google and many visit corporate website online newsrooms weekly for the companies on their beat. Now that Google is pushing universal search (where news, videos, Flickr streams, and more may all appear as part of the main search results), your press releases, news videos, and online content have a greater chance of being found by both consumers and journalists.

Another example of one of our client’s press release successes is when Jiffy Lube got sued for $47 million for text spamming and they did a release about it. The release on PRWeb is the number one regular Google result for a search for “Jiffy Lube sued for spam” and their site comes up number four for the same search (and ranks for numerous “Jiffy Lube lawsuit”-related long tail terms). Their helpful perspective on the case in the release generates visitors and phone calls, straight from the search engines, even if it never gets any or significant media coverage. As a side note, my client’s Jiffy Lube release has over a dozen retweets and many likes/shares.

The benefits of optimized online PR include:

  • Traffic to your website
  • Inbound links to your website that help your search rankings
  • Pickups by industry publications and blogs
  • Credibility that stems from your company being “in the news”
  • Leads
  • Getting sales and clients directly from releases
  • Making more money!

Typical content to optimize:

  • Press releases/news releases
  • Online news rooms and media kits
  • Blog posts
  • Reports/white papers
  • Webinars/demos
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts/interviews (where you structure an interview around keywords)
  • Videos

Are you optimizing all of your relevant content?

photo credit: Intersection Consulting via photopin cc

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