Top Press Release Sites: Creation and Submission

Online public relations (PR) can increase targeted traffic to your website.

Stop thinking about press releases as being only for NBC, CBS, and ABC. Think of them more as tools that can bring you hordes of visitors online.

When you create and submit press releases to sites like, part of the goal is to get others to resubmit them to news sites and blogs that either re-release your submission or write their own take on it, thereby creating a viral snowball and increasing your website’s search engine rankings and backlinks.

The best way to create online press releases is to start with one of your premier keywords and use the keyword in the newsworthy press release. We’ve had numerous examples of our releases getting to Google page one in only hours using this technique.

With press release sites, it is very, very important to realize that there is a hierarchy to where you need to post first and why.

For instance, if you are going to take the free PR route, post to first as they will then syndicate your release out to others. Generally the free sites are almost a waste of time and the paid sites offer much more substance. They get your releases in front of more people than free sites and will certainly get you picked up for mass distribution if you write your release with enough of a hook. While news sites are generally “no followed” and don’t pass “link juice” or “PageRank,” when bloggers and other sites see the news and write about you, you get high-quality relevant backlinks that do pass “link juice.” Not to mention, journalists can see the site and call to interview you, and the general public can take actions right from your release.

Top PR Sites

  1. (Starting around $300 per release)
  2. (Starting around $300)
  3. (Starting around $300)
  4. (Starting around $150)

Free Press Release Submission Sites


What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of press releases?

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