Social Media Disasters – United Airlines

Social media disasters

This YouTube Clip on how United Airlines broke the guitar of a traveling musician got almost 8 million views so far… This speaks to the level people go to when they want to express their experiences with brands that make them mad or happy.

Salem Evening News – Local Newspaper Trends

salem evening news 21

Karen Andreas of the Salem Evening News recently gave a talk to the board of directors at the North Shore Chamber of Commerce on the changes taking place in the world of newspapers. She had some interesting things to say about how they are adapting to the intense changes brought about by the web and… Read more »

8 Tips For Getting Good PR Coverage

8 tips for good public relations

1. Find a creative angle that makes you worthy of being in the news or at least appear unique. See what other companies are doing in your space or how media like the New York Times, CNN and top blogs portray companies like yours. 2. Do your homework. Research who the journalists and bloggers are… Read more »

Promoting YouTube Videos

YouTube logo

Make sure you not only post them on YouTube but post them into your blog posts with a keyword rich title and description. That way the search engines will index them as unique pages. When you add the transcribed or additional text to go with the video, make sure to repeat the main keyword concept… Read more »

Paid Search Basics

Google Adwords for paid search

Pay Per Click Advertising In addition to doing “optimization” to make a website more visible in the search engine’s “main” or “natural results,” you should also balance optimization with “Sponsored Ads” or “Keyword Buys” known as “Pay Per Click” or “Pay for Position” advertising. Statistics show that a blended strategy of PPC and SEO together… Read more »

Increasing Conversions Basics

Leaky bucket conversion rate

Simple Tips for Increasing Conversions Just driving more traffic is like adding water to a leaky bucket! In order to get more profits, you have to analyze user activity to see why they don’t do what you want them to. Actions (special offers, forms, etc.) need to be defined and measured. Changes to increase actions… Read more »

Website Analytics Basics

Google Analytics tips

Website Analytics Basics Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of website data for the purpose of understanding visitor behavior and for making actionable adjustments. This is the starting point for increasing conversions Google Analytics ( is free and powerful Top 5 Things to Track With Analytics and Report On Monthly Keywords (search… Read more »