Guest Blog Posting and Links from Blogs

Having other people’s blogs post the articles you write, mention you, or link to you is a significant ranking factor because of the backlink energy. The more authoritative the blog, the more it counts. This is best done with a public relations mindset. Think big, not how much lame content you can pump out across thousands of low-quality guest blog posts. Google is catching on to that, but it is hard to imagine that getting mentioned on and sharing content on top blog/media sites isn’t going to stay a ranking factor for a long time. News has shifted online and if you have a great hook or story, you can improve your rankings through real coverage in social outlets. The more bloggers who see that you have a quality blog with fans and followers, the more likely they will write about you and/or allow you to guest post for them.

SEO and social media are tied at the hip, and that extends to local SEO as well. According to Marissa Mayer, Google’s former VP of location and local services, reviews are the cornerstone of any local strategy and social is often local.

Yelp and Google+ Local pages are great for earning reviews about your business. It is important to get reviews from authoritative or influential individuals.

If your physical location is consistent on these sites and the reviews start to flow from the “elite,” it will help your site rank locally.

Are you posting guest blogs and seeking out backlinks?

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