What Is the Future of SEO and Social Ranking Signals?

The world is becoming more social and the search engines must integrate this more deeply over time.

Google+ Authorship, in my opinion, will continue to gain ground. So many “black hats” that got good at gaming links are now gaming social media by creating fake accounts and personas. This can be weeded out of the search engines to some degree when they factor in more deeply the authority of the people liking and sharing your content.

Given that becoming an author and publishing great content can only help your brand, what do you have to lose by adopting a strategy built around building a team of quality authors?

Maybe we should revise Seth Godin’s saying: “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left” to say this: “Authority/content marketing is the only marketing left.”

By creating content that grips, and then reaching out to those authority authors for the possibility of a comment or tweet you put yourself in place for the beautiful melding of social marketing and SEO.

Your new charge for the future of your company and its online presence is the creation of content that is at first compelling and then becomes remarkable over time. This does not happen overnight. It is something that you grow into.

Again, the key is to begin to put pen to paper to realize just how much you have to offer the outside world. Most business owners simply do not realize just how much their passionate followers want to know about how picture frames get made, or how cars can be leased for less or why and how chainless bikes work.

You do know these things.

And they want to absorb what you know.

When you start to create content that has real worth to the outside world, understand that Google takes notice.

In a very big way.

So it’s time to push, and push hard. Are you pushing?

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