Create Powerful Blog Posts

Here’s an overview of key blogging practices to get you started.

Use high search volume/popular keywords in the blog post title and in the content of the blog post itself, but also consider working the long tail since this can generate immediate success for easy-to-rank-for keywords and drive some immediate traffic to your site. HubSpot uses a long tail method of creating titles that contain keyphrases that get 200 searches a month and keyphrases that get 60 or less in terms of a competition score. This is long tail blogging and differs from short tail blogging, where you go after terms that are much harder to rank highly for. Infuse your blog posts with the LSI (related) keywords that Google loves to see surrounding your main keyword.

Then take the time to reach out to the authority influencers in your industry and ask for comments. We like a tool by Wordtracker called Link Builder. It helps you identify top blogs and news sites that go with a keyword. Reach out for interaction. Be bold and be willing to push your content to those people who can move mountains for you. Don’t forget to call and email bloggers in your niche to offer them a guest post as well.

Do you employ these practices in your blogging strategy?

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